Accutar Biotech announces closing of latest financing round
Apr 18,  2021

Accutar Biotech has recently completed a new round of funding from Yunfeng Capital, Coatue, and 3W Healthcare Fund, in addition to the previous investments from ZhenFund, IDG Capital, YITU Technology, Primavera Capital Group, CDH Investments, and other institutional investors. Accumulatively, Accutar Biotech has now raised over US$100 million to support the advancement of the world-leading artificial intelligence (AI)-empowered platform and the expansion of our proprietary drug pipeline.

Accutar Biotech’s proprietary AI platform for drug discovery, design, and optimization leverages the innovative universal force-field-based modeling methodology. Demonstrated in multiple cases, Accutar Biotech has successfully reduced the average preclinical drug discovery time to only 1 year.

“Our vision is to use AI to significantly accelerate the research and development of novel drugs,” said Accutar Biotech’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Jie Fan. “All of our assets will be globally patented, and we are committed to continuously transforming the drug discovery industry with the power of disruptive technology.”