Award Winning Scientist Dr. Alexander Varshavsky Joined Scientific Advisory Board of Accutar Biotech
Dec 31,  2021

Accutar Biotech Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI)-empowered drug discovery, today announced that Dr. Alexander Varshavsky, a world leader in the ubiquitination system, has joined the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the company to advise on novel E3 ligase discovery programs.

“It is our great honor and privilege to have Dr. Varshavsky join our SAB”, said Jie Fan, PhD, founder and CEO of Accutar. “Dr. Varshavsky’s pioneering work in ubiquitination and the N-degron pathway of protein degradation has opened up a whole new field for basic science and for the pharmaceutical industry with tremendous potential. Dr. Varshavsky’s unique insights and vision has further improved our confidence to move forward on our first-in-class E3 ligase inhibitor programs with the hope of bringing brighter futures to patients.”