We employ artificial intelligence to revolutionize drug discovery
We use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to explain the physical and chemical nature of biological systems. We harness AI to accelerate drug discovery.
What is our philosophy?
We aim to create and work from a data-driven foundation. We use a hybrid approach – computational drug design followed by wet lab validation – to greatly reduce the time and cost necessary for traditional drug discovery efforts.
What have we done?
We have developed a data-driven atom-based scoring function learned from 100,000 protein crystal structures containing the information of >100 million amino acid side chains and a dynamic deep neural network specifically designed for chemical informatics.
Why is our work important?
Our work beats the current industry gold standard in computation-aided drug discovery. We use drug pocket side chain conformation prediction and drug docking with a significantly increased accuracy compared to the standard methods. Our prediction of chemical compound characteristics (solubility, binding affinity, etc.) is also significantly better than the current standard.

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Jie Fan, PhD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Wei He, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Yimin Qian, PhD
Chief Discovery Officer and Head of Chemistry
Xiangyan Sun, MS
Chief Technology Officer
Aaron Feng Chen, PhD
Chief Business Officer